Reprinted from the Double Dummy April - June 2011
Article was written by: Gwen Toso

Jim Oser and Revisited
jim oser
The unique web site created by our home grown computer guru Jim Oser keeps the scores and compiles statistis on everyone in our unit at least as concerns their bridge games. No confidential information is divulged,
just scores and stats that have a; been reported on club web sites. Here gathered in one place going back in time until 2008, you can find your average scores, your favorite partners, your highest scores, how many games you hav play each year and on and on. You can find it for any other player as well. Other bridge units have been added, including an unexpected one from White Plains, N.Y. A pilot from there who plays here when in town requested that Jim add this.
The impetus to create this website came from helping Bob Sampson obtain the list of high scorers (70%) to write up in his column for the Unit Bulletin. Jim wanted to learn the program "ruby on rails" which would enable the information from every club game to be broken down by player and compiled into all sorts of relevant data. Success was achieved and the web site has been running for three years now. A little known feature of the site is that the "g" in the corner of your day's results will bring up the total results for that game. The home page lists numerous statistical compilations for our nut's players such as who played the most games, whose average score is the highest per number of
games played and much, much more. The program runs automatically so Jim does not have to take time from his computer consulting business to maintain it. He does learn how many hits it gets and when people use it. A surprising number of insomniacs are logging on at 2 a.m.
We have Jim to thank for getting the dealing machines up and running and showing club directors how to use them. When not playing bridge or checking on the web site, Jim is a self-employed computer consultant to small businesses. Previously, Jim was employed in aerospace, Silicon Valley and spent two years working for Siemens in Germany. After being away from Marin County for 25 years, Jim has happily relocated back to where
he was born and raised (Greenbrae, Redwood High School and UC Berkeley. He is married with a son who is a professional musician working in Los Angeles and a daughter at U.C. Berkeley. Jim teaches a
class for retirees on using the computer for the Golden Gate Computer Society.