Ways to learn and practice any language

  • "Learning with Text", "lingq.com" and "Learning with Short Texts"

    These three programs allow one to listen to an article, podcast, or text and read the corresponding transcript at the same time.

    They also keep track of the words in the text that you already know. You can click on a word, that you don't know, and it shows you multiple definitions of the words from various online sources; you then choose the definition that fixes for the text that you are reading. Later they can test you on the words that you know. Very powerful programs. Must see in action to really understand how they works.

    Discussion of all three of the above: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22602158/Learning-With-Texts-free-opensource-alternative-to-Lingq

    • http://lingq.com/

      Many youtube videos explain how this program works. Be sure to look at a recent video because this program keeps changing. I have been using this program to learn Spanish. I have uploaded audio and text for my private use. I have also used audio and texts that are public.

    • Learning with Text open source project

      demo of learning with text: http://lwt.sourceforge.net/testdb/

      LWT Online Demo - try it out:
        General Hints:
      • Do not use for productive work!!
      • Your data may be deleted at any time by other users!!
      • Only one LWT table set is available - the multiple table set feature has been deactivated.
      • You may "reset" the demo by going to "Backup/Restore", and by clicking on "Install LWT Demo Database".
      • START ONLINE DEMO (at sourceforge.net, User ID = lwt, Password = lwt)

      This open source project is extremely well documented. I have it running on a virtual Linux machine. I also tried the demo.

    • https://learningwithshorttexts.com/

      The short texts are too short.

Ways to learn and practice Spanish

  • Boston University Ext. : AP Spanish Language and Culture

    Free Massive Open Online Class (MOOC)
    AP® Spanish Language and Culture

    Many people taking this class have no intention of taking the AP test. They are also much older

    People, who just want to learn Spanish are welcome in this class.

    12 week class. Started on February 12, 2019. Join anytime.

  • Language Transfer

    Some people like this.
    Language Transfer Complete Spanish
    Language Transfer on youtube

    For comments about Language Transfer

    • Spanish Language Transfer
    • site:forum.duolingo.com Language Transfer
    • site:forum.duolingo.com languagetransfer

    Here is a sample.
    Past tense.

    Track 58
    youtube: Complete Spanish, Track 58 - Language Transfer, The Thinking Method
    Page 327 of pdf.
    Track 58 pdf page 327

    T: We have one more time in Spanish to learn, one more verb time, and that’s the point in the past. The one that usually we would express with -ed in English: wanted, walked, or, you know, the irregular versions: ran, ate. This is the point in the past and it’s much more random than the other tenses that we looked at. The point in the past is a little bit more messy, but we will find some logic in it, just not the same one that we’ve been seeing until now. So, we will practice with hablar for –ar verbs and with comer for –er/-ir verbs, and we will use these verbs as our hooks that we can look back to when we need to remember one of these endings. So, I spoke, I spoke, is hablé, hablé.

    S: Hablé.

    T: Can you tell me what I did there then to get I spoke from to speak, from hablar?

    S: You took off the –ar ending and added an /e/.

    T: Good. Anything else?

    S: Well, the accents is on the /e/.

    T: Perfect. Hablé. Good. So, that’s I spoke. And he/she/it or you (formal) spoke is habló, habló.

    S: Habló.

  • NPR's Destinos

    • Destinos Episodio1: La Carta

      Originally on PBS (Public Broadcasting Stations) such as San Francisco's KQED televison station in the 1990's. This 52 week course is available for free on the Internet. The course is taught in English.

      In Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish, lawyer Raquel Rodríguez travels to Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and finally to Mexico, all to solve a secret from Don Fernando's past. Destinos is in conversational Spanish, with some narration in English and in Spanish. Every episode covers new grammatical concepts, vocabulary, and cultural practices, with a review at the end. As you go from episode to episode and destination to destination, the content grows more challenging. For additional review, choose a related activity in the Practice section.

      There is a textbook and workbooks, that accompany the course. You can watch the videos without using the books. Used editions of this book can be found.

      I have been told that some countries outside the USA may not be able to see the videos from the above weblink. If this is the case for you, then search youtube for these videos.

      Destinos Lección 1 Workbook
      "Destinos - An introduction to Spanish" 1st Edition: Audio lessons originally provided on cassette tape. Leccion 1 Workbook

      Video on Demand - Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish - 1. Unit I

      Stephanie's Destinos Review: How I’m Learning Spanish With Cheesy Dialogue, Big Hair and Shoulder Pads
      Great review of Destinos. Also see the comment section after the review, where people made additional comments about ways to learn Spanish.

      Stephanie's tobefluent.com Spanish Resources

  • BBC's Mi Vida Loca: Real Spanish, Real Drama

    • Mi Vida Loca: Real Spanish, Real Drama

      Originally on BBC (Britisch Broadcasting Company). This 12 week Spanish course is available for free on the Internet. The course is taught in English.

  • practica español

    • https://www.practicaespanol.com/

      Hay muchos caminos para aprender español pero solo uno para practicarlo con los contenidos informativos de Agencia EFE, la primera agencia de noticias del mundo, en español. ¡Bienvenidos a Practica Español!

      Be sure to sign-up for their free daily email about world news events.
      Practica Español - Practica y aprende el idioma español utilizando la actualidad informativa

  • Spanish Teaching Assistant


    Tests your knowledge about conjugating verbs.

    Tests your knowledge about numbers.

    This website was developed by Cindy, a member of the Sebastopol Spanish meetup group.

  • Abla Learning

    AlbaLearning Audiolibros y libros para leer, escuchar en línea y descargar. Castellano. Voz humana. SIN REGISTRARSE. GRATIS. Exclusivamente para uso personal. Nuestros audiolibros NO son de Dominio Público, son propiedad de AlbaLearning.

    Spanish Audiobooks and books to read, listen along and download. Free for personal use. No registration required.


  • Magazines and Newspapers

    • La Voz

      La Mejor Revista Bilingue del Norte de California

      Northern California's foremost bilingual magazine

      All articles are in both Spanish and English. Articles are primarily about Sonoma and Marin County, but sometimes USA topics, such as the President are discussed

      La Voz

      Read the latest issue of La Voz online and/or download the latest issue as a pdf: La Vo online or pdf of latest issue

    • La Prensa Sonoma

      News about Sonoma county in Spanish

      La Prensa Sonoma

    • impulso News

      IMPULSO NEWS, es el periódico Hispano de mayor cobertura en el norte de California, circula en los condados de Marin, Sonoma, Solano, Marin y Mendocino.

      Impulso News

    • el Nuevo Herald

      News about Miami, Florida and the rest of the world

      el Nuevo Herald

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